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Russia plans to take 10% share of ASEAN import market in short run

  • 17 May 13:11

In the next 3-5 years Russia’s supply of value added goods is projected to total 10 percent of the imports to ASEAN countries, said Pyotr Fradkov, head of the Russian Export Center, on May 12 at a press conference dedicated to the upcoming Russia-ASEAN 2016 business forum. "Up to 80 percent of our exports to the ASEAN countries are value added products, not raw materials," Fradkov added. The Russia-ASEAN 2016 business forum will be held in Sochi on May 19. It will be attended by over 500 entrepreneurs from Russia and ASEAN countries. It will be organized by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. ASEAN is one of the world's. Read more...