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2019, Total meat production — 335 214 (thousand tonnes, CWE)*

*by FAO

2019, Total meat imports — 34 738 (thousand tonnes, CWE)*

*by FAO

2019, Total meat exports — 36 042 (thousand tonnes, CWE)*

*by FAO
Offer pig fat I class 12.Jul.2020
Edible co-products, frozen, bulk


Offer frozen chicken feet 12.Jul.2020
Price 2.5 USD FOB Livestock & poultry, frozen, cartons, Health certificate, HALAL certificate etc

Brazil, port «Santos» (Brazil)

Offer Frozen Beef Tongues from Uruguay for sale 12.Jul.2020
Price 3 USD FOB Raw meat, frozen, cartons

Uruguay, port «Montevideo» (Uruguay)

Processed meat, fresh, vacuum bag, CODE-SQF

Argentina, port «Buenos Aires» (Argentina)

Offer Frozen Halal Chicken Breast (Fillet) Skinless Boneless. 11.Jul.2020
Price 350 USD FOB Livestock & poultry, frozen, cartons

Sweden, port «Malmo» (Sweden)

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