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ASF China: South affected; Japan finds virus in meat

  • 25 Oct 10:41

African Swine Fever (ASF) has descended to also affect more areas in the south of China, including Yunnan, Hunan and one more in Zhejiang. In addition, Japan has reported the finding of ASF virus in imported meat at an airport. The batch has been destroyed.Photo: Shutterstock This weekend, the Chinese authorities reported about 2 outbreaks on small farms near Zhaotong, Zhenxiong county, in Yunnan province. So far the southernmost outbreak of ASF in China had been near Wenzhou, at about 450 km south of Shanghai. Yunnan close to major pig producing areas Worryingly, this province borders major pig producing province Sichuan. On top, the area provides a lot of pork. Read more...