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Survey Finds Animal Welfare Tops Consumers’ Ethical Concerns

  • 31 Jul 12:21

Three quarters of consumers in the UK put animal welfare at the top of the list when it comes to ethical issues for food companies.Concerns over how animals reared for meat, dairy products and eggs are treated is the top of the list of issues for consumers when companies make ethical claims. More than half of UK consumers would also stop buying products from companies that are found to be acting unethically. A new survey from the market analyst company Mintel shows that welfare issues come above concerns over the environment, the treatment of employees and issues such as tax avoidance when it comes to ethical production of food. The survey that looked at a sample. Read more...

Industry Trends, Like Animal Welfare, Drive Hog Slat's Global Business

  • 1 Jul 12:06

David Herring, Vice President of Hog Slat, said global industry trends drive their business and domestic and international offering. "Domestically, over the last four to five years there's been a big push on animal welfare. A lot of farms are converting from gestation crates over to group sow housing," Herring said. Wath the video here. "Globally, we are looking at Eastern Europe or China or even South America, they are adopting the practices that were proved here in the states and growing more of a modernized industry, using the technology and engineering that has been so prevalent [in the US] in the last 25 years." Mr. Herring. Read more...

Is Animal Welfare Becoming a Commercial Issue?

  • 22 Jun 17:42

Large multinational processing companies, retailers and foodservice organisations are starting to define the way that producers view animal welfare and ethical, sustainable production. More and more large and wealthy organisations are laying down the minimum standards they expect from their farmer producers. And they are dictating farming practices, often ahead of legislation, not only in the advanced farming communities but also in developing and emerging nations. One of the latest high profile organisations to join the campaign to improve welfare conditions and sustainable practices on the farms that produce the food it sells is the US retail giant,. Read more...