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Antibiotic Resistance: An Unexpected Chronology

  • 4 Dec 10:05

Researchers from the Institut Pasteur have shed light on the rise of ampicillin resistance back in the 60s.Through the genome sampling of historical Salmonella strains, they proved that antibiotic resistance can be traced back prior to the release of ampicillin on the UK market. As such, their discovery suggests that low doses of penicillin routinely fed to livestock in the 1950s in North America and Europe may have encouraged antibiotic-resistant bacteria to evolve and spread. These results will be published inThe Lancet Infectious Diseaseson Wednesday, 29 November. Antibiotic resistance kills around 25,000 people a year in Europe, and this is predicted to rise to. Read more...

Russia Backs FAO Work to Tackle AMR with $3.3M

  • 5 Apr 10:51

Russia is backing an FAO-led effort to promote food safety and prevent the spread of medicine-resistant "superbugs" in food and on farms in five countries in Central Asia and Eastern Europe with a donation of nearly $3.3 million. A new Russia-supportedFAOproject in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan will help national authorities get a better handle the threats posed by antimicrobial resistant microbes in agriculture and food systems. The bulk of the funding will be used to support action on three broad fronts: Strengthening the regulatory and legal frameworks that underpin national efforts to address antimicrobial resistance. Read more...