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3 years of embargo in Russia: The winners and losers

  • 8 Aug 11:12

Sanctions may have a negative connotation, but the bans imposed on Russia have actually forced the country to become more self-sufficient. Thanks to governmental subsidies programs for agriculture, investments in the greenhouse business have become increasingly popular among leading Russian businessmen. Source: Reuters Three years ago, Russia imposed an embargo on the import of products from the EU, the U.S., Australia, and a number of other countries in response to Western sanctions. The supply of beef, pork, poultry, fish, cheese, milk, fruit, and vegetables was banned. A few years have passed, but who has won - and who has lost out - following. Read more...

Russia eases its food embargo

  • 2 Jun 08:54

The Russian government has decided to ease the food embargo introduced against Western countries and allow the import of poultry meat, beef and vegetables used for baby food. The food embargo against the EU countries, U.S., Canada, Australia and Norway was introduced on August 7, 2014. Source: Ingimage / Vostock-photo The Russian government has moderated the embargo conditions placed on products imported from the U.S., Canada, Australia, the EU countries, Ukraine and several other European countries. The ban has been lifted on poultry meat, frozen beef and dried and frozen vegetables used in the production of baby food. The rulingwas publishedon the official site. Read more...