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Demand for cereals, canned foods and pasta grows in Russia

  • 17 Mar 11:35

Demand for cereals, canned foods and pasta grows in Russia Russian largest retail chains recorded a sharp growth in demand for cereals, pasta, canned foods, detergents, and other durable commodities. Retailers believe such an increase in sales is due to the panic caused by coronavirus spread, as well as the ruble's collapse.The retailers deny the possibility of goods shortage and the introduction of purchase restrictions, reports TASS news agency. The companies started buying more basic food necessities in the wake of increased demand. We are working on placing more goods on the shelves of the stores so that the customers felt no discomfort, including by increase of the wholesale. Read more...

New opportunities for Russian feed industry

  • 10 Jan 09:35

New opportunities for Russian feed industry Russian feed production has been increasing for more than two decades, and all forecasts expect this trend to continue for the foreseeable future with record-breaking state aid promised to the feed industry by the federal government and many avenues to increase domestic grain production. In 2017, Russian companies manufactured 27.6 million tonnes of feed, the Russian State Statistical Service Rosstat estimated. For this purpose, last year the country used 45.3 million tonnes of grain, primarily wheat and barley, or 33% of overall grain production in 2017, a research conducted by the federal Agricultural Ministry showed. The actual figures, however, are higher as some. Read more...