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Damate to restart turkey production at Eurodon

  • 13 Aug 11:22

Damate to restart turkey production at Eurodon.By the end of the year, the enterprise plans to produce about 2.65 thousand tons of turkey meat "Turkey Dvor", a structure of the Damate company, restarts turkey production at the former Eurodon sites in the Rostov region. 50 thousand two-day-old turkeyshatched in Germany have already been delivered to the farm. According to the regional government, 72 thousand turkey eggs were put into production in July, and they are now being incubated. The first brood of young stock is expected in the 20th of August, also "Turkey Dvor" expects delivery of 70 thousand eggs from the USA. According to the. Read more...

The Damate group of companies commissioned 32 new poultry houses

  • 23 Jan 09:26

By the beginning of 2020 32 new housing for raising and fattening turkeys of the Damate group of companies were involved in the Mokshansky district of the Penza region. Their launch was carried out as part of the next phase of the project to increase production volumes to 155 thousand tons per year. Damate’s new assets were commissioned at the end of last year in the village of Potma. At their expense, the total number of houses in the Moksha district increased up to 64. When the project is completed, 488 corps of rearing and feeding turkeys of the Damate group of companies will operate in the Penza Region. The growing area created in Potma consists of eight. Read more...

Banks to rescue poultry industry in Rostov region

  • 1 Nov 11:01

In an interview with the Don24 news agency, the Minister of Agriculture of the Rostov Region, Konstantin Rachalovsky, said that by the end of 2019 all the assets of the bankrupt Eurodon holding would be transferred to the Rosselkhozbank (RSHB). The head of the region said that three large investors are ready to tackle the restoration of turkey production at the sites of bankrupt enterprises previously owned by Vadim Vaneev. Most likely, we are talking about the holdings Cherkizovo, Damate and Resource. Last week potential bidders announced their readiness to acquire Eurodon assets at a discount exceeding 50% of the price at which the Russian. Read more...