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Biosecurity, ASF and large litters: ESPHM review

  • 25 May 11:33

Biosecurity, ASF and large litters: ESPHM review Large litters, African Swine Fever, the importance of biosecurity…the 10th edition of the European Symposium of Porcine Health Management, held 9-11 May in Barcelona, Spain, touched on a wide variety of topical swine health issues. Almost 2,000 delegates from 55 countries made their way to Barcelona, for the 10thedition of thisannual pig veterinary event. It has grown in size considerably over the years and quite notably was the presence of large numbers of overseas delegates – they had come from e.g. Latin America, Asia and Oceania as well to listen to the 9 keynote lectures and in total 440 oral and poster presentations. Pig production in Spain The. Read more...