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Primorye: industrial pork production will be restored in 2020

  • 23 Jul 10:27

In the first half of 2019, the spread of an infectious disease dealt a significant blow to the pig production in Primorsky territory. In the period from the beginning of January to the end of June, about 4.2 thousand tons of pork were produced in the region - the volume decreased by 35 percent in annual terms. In the second half of the year, large farms are planning to bring young stock to their farms and begin to restore pig herd. Industrial production of pork in Primorsky territory. Read more...

More than 100 thousand pigs died in an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Primorsky region

  • 26 Apr 09:07

Oleg Kozhemyako, Governor of Primorsky region, said that more than 100 thousand pigs died in the region as a result of last year’s outbreak of foot and mouth disease. "A very big problem for the industry was an outbreak of foot and mouth disease, which began in late 2018. More than 100 thousand pigs died, industrial pig breeding almost disappeared," said Kozhemyako at a meeting of the Primorye Legislative Assembly. He added that the authorities of the region provided assistance only to owners of private farms affected by foot and mouth disease. Foot and mouth disease caused significant damage to the region, he added and said that it has not. Read more...

Armenia Latest Country to Report Foot and Mouth Disease

  • 26 Jan 10:13

The latest report of Foot and Mouth disease around the world comes from Armenia. A farm in Armavir province with 1219 cattle and 362 swine was the location of the serotype A outbreak. One of the cattle and two pigs were infected, and both the pigs died. The rest of the herd has not been destroyed. The official report identifies the source of the outbreak as 'airborne spread'. Movement controls, disinfection, quarantine and surveillance are all being used. Read more...