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Genetics company asks for a global biosecurity plan

  • 7 May 09:15

Hendrix Genetics intends to renew its biosecurity programs and to offer a global standard. Swine sector completes the first milestone. Biosecurity must be treated as serious as animal welfare issues, warns Wouter Deley, Senior Veterinarian and Health Manager, Business Unit Swine, Hendrix Genetics. A sustainable future can be secured by putting in place processes and protocols for the health of all animals. "As part of our global standards, we are working to develop a structured biosecurity plan. Once fully completed, the program will include required health status, risk assessments, standard operating procedures (SOPs), health monitoring and screening,. Read more...

Dutch poultry hatching firm plots move in Russia

  • 26 May 10:48

Netherlands-based Hendrix Genetics plans to build a complex producing hatching eggs for turkeys in Russia, according to the. Read more...