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Belarus Starts Exporting Beef to China

  • 14 Sep 10:11

The first Belarusian companies have started exporting frozen beef to China, the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry said on Tuesday. Two Belarusian companies, OAO Mogilev Meat Packing Plant and Veles-Meat, have been opened for deliveries of beef to China, head of the Foreign Trade Department of the ministry Aleksei Bogdanov told local media. Belarus also constantly invites Chinese business delegations to work out delivery logistics, discuss meat cutting specifics and analyse the taste preferences of consumers, Mr Bogdanov said. Eight Belarusian meat processing companies have been certified to export beef to China. In 2017, Belarus will export $20 million worth. Read more...

Passport Food Safety Solutions Enters Exclusive Partnership with Predictive Analytics Leader PurePredictive

  • 16 Aug 12:34

GLOBAL - PassTrac Analytics, a division of Passport Food Safety Solutions, Inc., announces its exclusive industry partnership with PurePredictive, an innovative company that uses a powerful predictive modeling and prescriptive analytics technology for meat protein companies to enhance their food safety programs and operational efficiencies within their operations. “Managing food safety systems is increasingly more complex. Historical methods to track and analyze traditional food safety indicators are reaching their limitations. Customers need innovative solutions to help them,” says John Ruby, Vice President, PassTrac®Analytics. “This. Read more...

Commission Reports Knock Back Country of Origin Labelling Plans

  • 27 May 11:20

Two reports from the European Commission conclude that the benefits from new mandatory country of origin labelling requirements on food do not clearly outweigh the costs. The reports say that voluntary labelling rules seem to be the most suitable solution. The first report looks at the feasibility of different options for mandatory origin labelling for dairy products and for minor meats, notably horse meat, rabbit meat and meat from game and birds (farmed and wild). Labelling rules are already in place for beef meat, pig meat, poultry meat, sheep meat and goat meat. The report says that considering consumer attitudes towards additional information and potential. Read more...