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What Does the Colour of Meat Tell You?

  • 26 Jul 10:41

You just pulled a package of hamburger out of the refrigerator that you bought four days ago, and the colour looks darker that when you first bought it. Has it gone bad or is that normal? Colour is important when meat is purchased, stored, and cooked. Often an attractive, bright colour is a consideration for the purchase. When safely stored in a retail or home refrigerator or freezer, it’s normal for the colour of meat and poultry to change, according to theUSDA Food Safety Inspection Service(FSIS). Meat colour is influenced by myoglobin, a protein that is responsible for the majority of meat’s red colour. Myoglobin doesn't circulate in the blood but is. Read more...

Auchan faces Russian complaints over meat quality

  • 15 Mar 09:00

Meat products samples, found in five Auchan outlets in Moscow and Moscow Oblast, contain excessive levels of E.coli, S.aureus, as well as tetracycline antibiotics, according to an investigation by. Read more...

Commission Reports Knock Back Country of Origin Labelling Plans

  • 27 May 11:20

Two reports from the European Commission conclude that the benefits from new mandatory country of origin labelling requirements on food do not clearly outweigh the costs. The reports say that voluntary labelling rules seem to be the most suitable solution. The first report looks at the feasibility of different options for mandatory origin labelling for dairy products and for minor meats, notably horse meat, rabbit meat and meat from game and birds (farmed and wild). Labelling rules are already in place for beef meat, pig meat, poultry meat, sheep meat and goat meat. The report says that considering consumer attitudes towards additional information and potential. Read more...