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Europe ‘confident’ on Mercosur deal, despite claims it hurts beef

  • 18 Apr 12:39

The European Commission has responded to criticism over its proposed deal with South American trade bloc Mercosur by claiming the outcome will. Read more...

EU-Mercosur Trade Deal 'Would Damage Beef Trade'

  • 15 Dec 16:11

Reacting to reports of a push from the EU Commission to recommence talks on a Mercosur trade deal, Irish Farmers' Association (IFA) National Livestock Chairman Henry Burns said a Mercosur trade would be extremely damaging for Irish and European agriculture, and especially our important beef trade. Mercosur is a bloc of countries in South America, including Chile, Peru and Colombia among others, which work together to promote trade. Henry Burns said an EU Commission analysis shows that a Mercosur deal would inflict losses of €7.8bn on the agriculture sector and he said the real losses at farm level would be much higher. The IFA Livestock leader said. Read more...