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How French goats make cheese for Russians in Urals

  • 23 Aug 09:23

Russia's introduction in 2014 of an anti-western food embargo resulted in a number of imported cheeses disappearing from local store shelves. Sensing an opportunity, the Urals-based agriculture company, UGMK-Agro, purchased a herd of Alpine goats from France and began making goat cheese. In September, the company will start making local equivalents of Buche de Chevre and Camembert. French goats will bring exquisite cheeses to Russian plates. / UGMK-Agro In November2016,young French “aristocrats” packed for a trip that many only dream of. A herd of seven-month-old Alpine goats from La Boissiere-des-Landes traveled 5,000 kilometers and crossed the. Read more...