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Recovery of certain Russian economic sectors to take over one year — expert

  • 29 Apr 10:38

Recovery of a number of sectors of the Russian economy after the crisis will take more than a year, Head of the Russian Accounts Alexey Kudrin said in an interview with Rossiya 1. "For some sectors, indeed, it will take a year or more. We need to balance opportunities and think a little bit about the future, but now we have to put a lot of effort into this," he said. "One thing is certain - we will go through it all together, for better or worse. Countries will return to their usual lives," Kudrin added. Unemployment in Russia, according to Kudrin, can grow this year to 7-8%, in the worst case, to 10%, from 6 to 9 mln people. At the same. Read more...

Bad weather in Russia: 5 economic implications

  • 26 Jul 09:36

This summer’s bad weather is not only putting a downer on the life in the capital, it’s also severely affecting the domestic economy. Farmers have been hit hardest while inflation and unemployment is on the rise. However, fashion retailers are offering big discounts in a bid to sell summer clothes - so there is one upside. This summer in the western part of Russia has been unusually cold and rainy. From May, Moscow witnessed rain, thunderstorms, and even snow. The Russian Hydrometeorological Center called May the “coldest” and June the“second coldest” the country has witnessed in the 21st century. The average temperature in June. Read more...