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Over 1M Vaccines to be Acquired for Prophylactics of Cattle Diseases

  • 11 Jan 11:15

Over 1 million vaccines will be acquired for prophylactics of diseases among animals in Atyrau region, reports the regional communications service.KazTAGreports thatvaccination will commence in February. According to the veterinary department of agriculture administration, this year, 1.79 million vaccines will be acquired for prophylactic animals in the region. Cattle must be vaccinated for a number of diseases including nodular dermatitis, herpes, brucellosis, bird flu and other dangerous viruses. First doses will be sent to Kyzylkoginsk district for prophylactics of brucellosis. No facts of dangerous diseases among cattle have been. Read more...

How to Keep Cows Happy

  • 17 Nov 04:29

Corrals are used on livestock farms around the world to round up the animals when they need to be weighed or vaccinated. New research now shows that removing splashes of colors, shadows or water puddles from corrals, keeping noise levels down and not using dogs and electric prods can dramatically reduce the stress cattle experience. Maria Lúcia Pereira Lima of the Instituto de Zootecnia Sertãozinho in Brazil is the lead author of this study in Springer's journalTropical Animal Health and Production. According to Ms Lima, best practices are not standard in the construction of the traditional corrals used on Brazilian farms. Facilities are often. Read more...

Russia Reports Lumpy Skin Disease Outbreak

  • 14 Jun 12:09

Dr Evgeny Nepoklonov, Vice-minister at the Russian Ministry of Agriculture has reported an outbreak of lumpy skin disease at Dergachevsky in Saratov Oblast. The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) received on 13 June. According to the report, the outbreak was first observed on 5 June and confirmed 9 June. The OIE reports that the affected population comprises cattle, wherein 12 animals showed signs of susceptibility, out of which one case was reported. The affected animal has been killed and disposed of. On 9 June, apolymerase chain reaction (PCR) test was carried out at theAll-Russian Research Institute for Animal Health (FGBI-ARRIAH), confirming the presence. Read more...