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Mexico is ready to supply beef to Russia

  • 23 Nov 08:30

Mexico is ready to supply beef to Russia Mexico confirms its readiness to supply up to 300,000 tons of beef to Russia per year, said Raul Urteaga, chief coordinator for international affairs at the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture, in an interview with RIA Novosti. Earlier, the ex-Minister of Agriculture of Mexico José Calzada Roviros spoke about such a possibility. "In 2012 Mexican deliveries reached 25 thousand tons of beef, so we expect recovery of this export, and we hope that this export will reach 300 thousand tons," said Urteaga. The relevant departments of two countries are working together to restore supplies of Mexican beef to Russia, and Mexican producers are ready to guarantee. Read more...

Rabobank global poultry quarterly Q3 2018

  • 25 Sep 10:10

Rabobank global poultry quarterly Q3 2018 Global poultry trade has become highly volatile, with Brazil very much at the centre of the turmoil. Aside from issues surrounding the weak flesh investigation and associated trade implications, the country has also faced a major truckers’ strike, which led to the massive culling of birds. Rabobank expects the global turmoil to continue in 2H 2018, as new issues are set to impact trade, such as rising US-Chinese trade tensions, the recent safeguard measures on Brazilian poultry set by China, and changes to Saudi Arabia’s halal stunning requirements. This could lead to further changes in global trade, along with a risk of volatility in feed costs. Read more...