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Red Meat Consumption Rises as Beef Prices Drop in U.S.

  • 30 Mar 09:48

Where's the beef? On dining tables across America,according to Bloomberg. Americans are on track to eat more red meat this year than in the pervious 12 months for the first time since 2006,with theU.S. Department of Agriculture estimatingpeople will consume 54.3 pounds of beef in 2016. A combination of cheaper beef prices and a larger inventory of cattle across the country fueled a push towards increased beef consumption, with the USDA noting current cattle counts at a five-year high. With beef at a lower price point, some restaurants have added new deals to promote beef-based menu items. Wendy's is offering a 4 for $4 deal, which includes a Jr.. Read more...

High US Red Meat, Poultry Production Means Prices Down

  • 12 Feb 16:19

It was mostly a consolidation day for livestock futures on Tuesday. This was particularly the case for cattle following the limit down day on Monday, write CME analysts Steve Meyer and Len Steiner. Ongoing weakness in broader markets continues to keepcattleon the defensive. There are plenty of opinions about price direction for cash cattle/boxed beef prices in the short term, given the start of Lent season (Feb 10), a week earlier than a year ago. Hogfutures have been trading sideways for the past few days. Cash prices have been stronger than some expected and it is interesting to note that hog weights have declined sharply in the last two weeks, an. Read more...