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Russia replaced as China's top seafood supplier

  • 21 Nov 10:02

Russia replaced as China's top seafood supplier The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) gained a bigger share in the Chinese seafood market thanks to an increase in imports of pangasius and shrimps, with pangasius now turning into a key import item for the Chinese Foodservice industry. The ASEAN bloc replaced Russia as a top seafood supplier in the Chinese market, Southeast Asian nations accounting for 14.5% of China’s imports, with volume rising 31.3% to 453,700 MT, with a value of $ 1.116 billion (€ 978 million) – up 59.2%. Meanwhile, Russia accounted for 13.86% of China’s imports in the first half of the year, with 640,900 metric tons (MT) worth $ 1.11 billion (€ 973 million), down. Read more...