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GLOBAL MEAT SUPPLIERS Company is one of the oldest, largest and most experienced wholesale meat and wholesale seafood distributor in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, & Long Island. We distribute only the finest wholesale meats and freshest wholesale seafood to many of the premier steakhouses, caters, ship lines, restaurants, institutions, five-star hotels, country clubs and supermarkets. GLOBAL MEAT SUPPLIERS is the largest wholesale distributor of Kobe beef on the East Coast. Austin Meat sells the highest quality wholesale KOBE BEEF and wholesale KUROBUTA PORK that can be found anywhere east of Japan. GLOBAL MEAT SUPPLIERS Company delivers the most tender and flavorful wholesale meats and FRESHEST WHOLESALE SEAFOOD. Whatever your needs, GLOBAL MEAT SUPPLIERS Company can bring you the worlds finest products to your business, from beef, pork, poultry and lamb, to veal and now seafood. We’ll be glad to assist you and if you would like a sales representative to review our expanding product list with you, please let us know.

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United States

0.24 USD Livestock & poultry, frozen, cartons, ISO12000, HALA

23 Sep 2021

United States

0.25 USD Raw meat, frozen, cartons

19 Sep 2021

United States

1 USD Raw meat, fresh, cartons

14 Sep 2021

United States, port «San Francisco» (California, United States)

0.5 USD Livestock & poultry, frozen, cartons, ISO 120000,HALA

30 Aug 2021

United States

0.5 USD Livestock & poultry, fresh, cartons

01 Aug 2021