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Beef/Meat sellers and Buyers International We are Beef Exporters International is a robust Internet supported agricultural supply chain platform directly connecting smallholder rural farmers to buyers in the market at a low cost via internet, and automated voice call technology, before harvest. A farmer sends a text message with information about his/her produce to our short code, our system generates a unique identification number for them. All farmers and Buyers are registered members of our Group. We generate sales and offers leads for all parties involved in the sales of Beef or/and Any kind of Meat (Pig, Goat, Sheep, Chicken, Rabbit, Fish etc). We are connected to Buyer and Sellers from around the world and send out both mailing list and offers on Every New Deal Available. We receive offers from buyers, filter out for who is paying the highest for a particular produce, we then connect these buyers directly to the farmers. Our farmers are happy because they can negotiate prices before harvest, are paid upon delivery and our buyers have time to plan and get their produce on harvest day. We also have investors that invest in farms and recover their investment in all kinds of farms producing meat. Our Investors platform is designed to provide funding to farmers and to suppliers that need funding to complete orders. Here we are to connect the cattle farmers,rabbit farmers, snail farmers and the sellers of all kinds of meat with buyers of meat... from all parts of the world... Growing meat/beef for Food,Funds and Fun

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