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Classifields / Offer: Aluminium clips for sausage and loops - for all type of clip

We manufacture standard wide range of clips for every clipper (PolyClip, Tipper Tie, Kompo, and others) –and we can produce clips on your individual request as well. Our quality is based on: own scientific and technical laboratory; raw material of stable good quality (we produce aluminium wire for further clips production ourselves); highly qualified specialists; and our manufacturing experience. We also produce loops for sausages: in pieces and on tape. Technical support and client services are always provided to our customers.

TechnoClip Company produces clippers for small and medium meat-processing factories – cost-saving and functional. In our product list there are manual, half-automatic and automatic clippers, tabletop or floor-mounted, with different production volumes, and for different casing diameters. They all can be used with all range of sausage stuffers, and may be completed with automatic looping device and data labeling unit.

Our production is exported to many countries of the world for years

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Product type Processed meat
Condition fresh
Packaging cartons
Current location Russian Federation
Place of origin Russian Federation
Brand TechnoClip

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