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Classifields / Offer: Animal feed for sale

Nkosi Agro farms Pty Ltd dealsonly with Premium Quality Farms Products,Ostrich eggs, ostrich chicks, Gallstones and Livestock at Good Prices.
we sell pigs, cows, sheep, boer goats, camels, camel milk, cow ox gallstone and some highly healthy nuts for human consumption.
Prices are negotiable for bulk order and safe delivery of livestock is guaranteed.
Nkosi Agro Farms Pty Ltd, is an SQIS approved isolation centre owned and operated by us in South Africa. Operating our own pre isolation facility means we can process any international livestock order totally in house, making the process less complicated and more cost effective for you the client.

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kindly contact us, so that we can supply you with just the best of the best.

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Product type Animal by-products
Condition fresh
Current location Republic of South Africa
Place of origin Republic of South Africa

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