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Classifields / Offer: Beef book Volume 20t per month

We offer the Beef omasum, washed, cleaned from the fat, the inner natural membrane is fully preserved, rounded. Weight in dry form is from 1.5 up to 2 kg, moisture not more than 10%/ Saline.
The production of our products implies the observance of all technologies at every stage of production. We work with any country of the world. Delivery from the seller's warehouse. A full package of documents is provided. If necessary, we can help with transportation. The volume of 20 tons per month. Ready for long-term cooperation. PRICE 225 rub/kg.

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Product type Edible co-products
Condition frozen
Current location Russian Federation
Place of origin Russian Federation
Brand Книжки Говядины
Minimum order 1 Ton
Payment info 3.8 USD

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