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Classifields / Offer: Beef from Belarus

We offer beef meat from Belarusian raw materials. Block beef tendon removed "Highest grade." 1st Grade. 2 Grade.One grade.Compensat. We can also offer-beef Tenderloin.A large, limp piece of beef.Compensat in the cold form. (The spatula.The chest part.The length of the muscle.Part of the hip, etc.). Documents and shipment from the Russian company.Delivery is possible.
Beef large piece without bone:
Eye muscle-GOST 1kg 410r with VAT
Okovalok-GOST. 1kg 390r with VAT
Rump-GOST 1kg 380r with VAT
Podbederok GOST 1kg 380r with VAT
Blade cut-GOST 1kg 345r with VAT
Shank -Standard . 1kg 280p with VAT
Thick edge of fillets-GOST 1kg 390r with VAT
Thin edge fillets-GOST 1kg 390r with VAT
OHL cutting and freezing-GOST. 1kg 850r/750r with VAT
Language without sub .packaging. freezing 1kg 340p with VAT
Beef tendon removed the block - "one-grade Beef," ograb. 1kg 275 p with VAT
Beef block-lined - "single-port Beef" a large piece is not robbed. 1kg 295r with VAT
Block beef - "beef of the highest grade" 1kg 405r s

Offer Information

Product type Raw meat
Condition frozen
Packaging polyblock
Current location Belorussia
Place of origin Belorussia
Minimum order 10 Ton
Payment info 240 Open Account

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