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Classifields / Request: Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry and Fish products

I would like to enquire about the following products and check your CIF prices per ton to Tema, Ghana please.

• Beef
1. Beef Sinews – less fat
2. Mask
3. Scourged and Unburnt Cow feet
4. Tripe
5. Lips
6. Snout
7. Ear
8. Throat (Gullet

• Chicken
1. Hen Quarter legs
2. Hen Wings
3. Chicken Upper Backs

• Lamb Rib Bones

• Pork
1. Pig Hind Feet
2. Pork Heads
Atlantic Mackerel (Scomber Scombrus)
Snapper (Pargo)
Barracuda fish

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