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Classifields / Offer: Live and healthy Alpine Goats

High Milking & Pregnant Saanen Goats Available

Our Saanen goats are provided with proper vaccination

and are regularly checked by veterinary surgeons

The Saanen breed also produces the most milk on average

Saanens are the largest and one of the calmest of the dairy breeds.

The Saanen breed also produces the most milk on average.

As Saanen goats are highly milk productive so, they need some extra protein and energy with their regular feed. Along with fresh and good food always provide them fresh and clean water regularly.

Special nutrition with 18%protein – F.C.R per day/kg milk. Good quality hay

Indicated temperature 25-35°C.

All of the animals are free from viruses like Brucella, Scrapie and other epidemic diseases and are accompanied by all the relevant health certificates.

Top quality Live Goats .
-All weights can be arranged.
-We can supply any required quantity.
-All relevant certificates available.

-Weight : 60 to 90 pounds
-Ages : 4 to 16 months old

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Product type Livestock & poultry
Condition fresh
Current location Cameroon
Place of origin Cameroon
Minimum order 25 Ton
Payment info $40.00 - $50.00 USD

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