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Classifields / Offer: Stewed chunk - State Standard of the Russian Federation (GOS

Beef stew top grade - manufacturer - "MAVR" LLC
A standard tin can with a mass of 338 grams. Easily and simply opening convenient cover with a pulling ring.
When you open it, you can see that there is a real meat in the jar. The color is natural, the smell is pleasant, since only natural products are included: beef, fat, onion, salt, bay leaf, black pepper.
Stewed meat is not overcooked, moderate concentration of salt and fat, the meat does not fall apart during cooking, gives a piquant taste to any dish you cook.
We also offer porridges and pates.
We recommend! Full price list on request
Beef stew 338 gr. (lit) brand - 102.92 rub GOST
Beef stew 338 gr (lithography C) - 91.00 rub GOST
Beef stew 338 gr (brown can) - 67.00 rub. GOST.

Offer Information

Product type Canned meat
Condition fresh
Packaging can
Current location Russian Federation
Place of origin Russian Federation
Brand мавр
Features тушенка,говядина тушеная,тушеная консервация,тушенка кусковая,
Minimum order 20 Ton
Payment info 16 USD Cash-in-Advance

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