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Classifields / Offer: We sell heifers, gobies (breeding, commodity; dairy and meat

Available: Black-and-white heifers (large, good body constitution), Holstein, 5-7 months of pregnancy, tribal (with documents) / commodity (without), cf. weight 500 kg, productivity 6500-8000 kg / per lactation. There are also bulls and girls with productive genetics. All animals are quarantined. We issue all veterinary accompanying documents. We ship from 30 heads. We will meet, we will take, we will help to select. Call.

Offer Information

Product type Livestock & poultry
Condition fresh
Current location Russian Federation
Place of origin Russian Federation
Features strong, well-built, healthy, with vaccinations
Minimum order 30 Ton
Supply ability 750 Ton/Month
Payment info 260 USD Cash-in-Advance

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