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Boar meat tested in 4 European countries

  • 25 Jan 11:02

Boar meat tested in 4 European countries Researchers tested out the acceptance amongst consumers of burger-style meat products derived from boar meat in 4 different countries in the European Union (EU). The researchers hailed altogether from 7 different countries in Europe and spoke of ‘patties’ in their research, which is presented inMeat Sciencein early 2018. Consumers in 4 countries testing boar patties The researchers approached consumers in Denmark, France, Italy and Poland, where a total of 476 female consumers evaluated 8 meat ‘patties’ from boars with varying levels of skatole (0.10-0.40 μg/g fat tissue) and androstenone (0.47-2.00 μg/g fat tissue), in a. Read more...