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In Russian Far East farmers increased the number of pigs by 70%

  • 26 Aug 11:44

Farmers of Primorsky region in six months have increased the number of pigs by 70%. The growth was due to importof animals. "Compared to last year, the number of pigs increased by 70% - up to 150 thousand heads. The growth was due to new imports of animals after the foot and mouth disease epidemic, an increase in the number of livestock in biologically protected agricultural enterprises," the statement says. The press service of the regional government told TASS that regional enterprises provide the region with pork by 16% now. The regional Ministry of Agriculture specified that the companies "Mercy Trade" and "Primorsky Bacon" produced. Read more...

RusAgro to expand meat production in Russia’s Far East with poultry division

  • 30 Jan 10:25

RusAgro will invest RUB12 billion (US$220m) in poultry production in Primorsk Krai, in Russia’s Far East region, according to the. Read more...

Can Russia repopulate its Far East with the offer of free land?

  • 8 Nov 10:13

The government plans to tempt Russians with a complimentary hectare in one of the country’s most remote regions – but the initiative faces a number of problems that need to be solved if it is to become a success. Theoretically, there are about 600 million hectares in the Far East that can be 
given away. Source: Lori / Legion media Have you ever dreamed of acquiring land for your personal needs without paying for it? Now many Russian citizens can realize this dream. The only condition is that the land in question will be in the Far East – about 4,000 miles from Moscow – and in a zone of uncertain prospects for agriculture. According to. Read more...

Free land program gathers pace in Russia's Far East

  • 15 Sep 10:27

More than 6,000 people have taken advantage of a new government initiative to help develop the economy in Russia's Far East by applying for a free hectare of land in region, according to Far East Development Deputy Minister Kirill Stepanov. According to Stepanov, who made the announcement at the Eastern Economic Forum in Russia’s Pacific city of Vladivostok in early September, over 120 plots of land have already been transferred for use, and residents will receive another 250 plots in the near future. "The law gives people a new degree of freedom," said Stepanov. "It is important that it has straightened all the bureaucratic corridors. A. Read more...

Russia developing pig production in Far East

  • 20 May 10:56

By 2020, Russia’s Far East should be self-sufficient for major agricultural projects, which includes pork. That was a promise made by Russian agriculture minister Alexandr Tkachyov when discussing future development ofRussia's Far Eastern Federal District. The aim can be reached with unprecedented levels of state support, as well as relatively advantageous climate conditions. Historically, Russia's Far East has been importing pork from other regions of the country. The area consists of 9 regions in the east of Russia. The district is the largest within Russia, covering 6.1 million km2 or 36% out of total Russian territory. The area's overall. Read more...