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Genesus Global Market Report Russia, June 2020

  • 26 Jun 10:36

Current Russian pig price is 94.9 Roubles ($1.37) per kg live-weight including VAT. At this level, good producers continue to make good profits even with this year’s higher feed price. Simon Grey, General Manager Russia, CIS, and Europe. There has not been over much disruption to supplies from meat plant closures, although there are plants where the administrative staff is packing meat. This is one circumstance where having excessive levels of administration have helped. It does of course beg the question if in these circumstances’ administrators can work on the factory floor, what do they do in normal. Read more...

Genesus Global Market Report: Russia - August 2019

  • 6 Aug 10:26

With cost of production at about 65 Roubles ($1.03) for the best producers, the period of high profitability for the Russian pig industry rolls on and on. ig price in Russia is 113.50 Roubles per live kg (US$1.77). Goes to show what’s possible by restricting imports! Just like everywhere else in the world today, most of the talk in Russia is about China and the effects the dramatic loss of pig production in China will have on the Russian market. Currently pork can’t go from Russia to China as Russia is ASF positive as a country. Russia has not seen the recent rise in price seen in other countries that are exporting to China. Currently the. Read more...

Genesus Global Market Report: Russia 2018

  • 10 Jan 10:34

This is the week that Russia celebrate the New Year and then Orthodox Christmas on 7th January. It means most of Russia is on holiday. For slaughter plant’s it is a very short week and for some also a holiday! The last full working weeks pig price was 93 Roubles ($1.57) per kg live-weight. As has been the case throughout 2017 efficient Russian Pig Producers have made good money. Currently good producers will be making $50 to $70 per head profit. So, what does 2018 have in store? In November Russia was found to be guilty of breaking WTO rules on the blocking of meat imports from various countries. Russia accepted the ruling, but the embargo on pig. Read more...