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Domestic pork prices soaring in Ukraine

  • 23 May 09:14

Domestic pork prices soaring in Ukraine The average retail price for a kg of pork in Ukraine reached 106.28 hryvnia (€3.42) as of early May 2018, up by 7.8% as compared to 1 January 2018 and by 31.2% against 1 May 2017.These figures were estimated by the Ukraine ministry of Economic Development. Not only prices for pork are growing fast in Ukraine, so does the price for beef. The average price for poultry, however, has been falling over the past few months. Faster rise in pork price Retailers indicate that the price for pork in Ukraine may even be growing faster than the government estimates. Alexey Doroshenko, chairman of the Ukraine Retail Suppliers Association, reported on his Facebook page that since. Read more...