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Wholesale and retail pork prices declining

  • 13 Nov 10:50

Wholesale and retail pork prices declining According to the information and trading system OilWorld.RU, in Russia wholesale and retail pork prices are steadily decreasing: since the beginning of 2019, they have fallen by 15% in some retail chains. In particular, the Cherkizovo group is reporting a reduction in wholesale prices for pork. In October, one kilogram of pork produced at the holding enterprises cost 86.6 rubles, which is 14% less than in October last year. The General Director of the National Union of Pig Breeders (NSS) Yuri Kovalev said that last year the Cherkizovo Group supplied the market with 6% of pork. According to him, prices for this type of red meat are reduced not only by the second-largest player. Read more...