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Pork prices may rise immediately after the New Year

  • 3 Oct 10:32

The KrasnodarMedia news agency shared its forecast for the dynamics of purchase and retail pork prices from a private investor, winner of the Kuban Leaders contest, Dmitry Garmatyuk. He believes that pork prices may rise significantly immediately after the New Year. The root cause of a possible increase in the cost of pork in the Krasnodar Territory, as well as in Russia in general, will be the problems in the countries of Southeast Asia associated with the epidemic of African swine fever. Pork deficit led to an unprecedented increase in demand for this type of meat in foreign markets. So far, we do not feel this, because supply contracts are concluded for. Read more...

Pork prices peaked the last two years

  • 30 Aug 09:19

Anna Kudryakova, market expert meatInstitute for agricultural market studies, especially for "the Russian newspaper": - Wholesale prices of pork in a piece from March of this year increased 20 percent, growth has continued in July. Now the market has developed an extremely high price tag. Last time this price was in September 2016. Then, too, there has been a noticeable surge in prices, but maximum values were lower than those now prevailing. Linked to the rise in pork prices with the spread of African swine fever (ASF). So the market is reacting to reports about the closure of one after another the speakers and all new cases of disease in animals at private. Read more...