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All news / Pork prices peaked the last two years

  • 30 Aug 2018, 09:19

Anna Kudryakova, market expert meat Institute for agricultural market studies, especially for "the Russian newspaper":

- Wholesale prices of pork in a piece from March of this year increased 20 percent, growth has continued in July. Now the market has developed an extremely high price tag.

Last time this price was in September 2016. Then, too, there has been a noticeable surge in prices, but maximum values were lower than those now prevailing.

Linked to the rise in pork prices with the spread of African swine fever (ASF). So the market is reacting to reports about the closure of one after another the speakers and all new cases of disease in animals at private farms. In the summer, of course, the situation with the spread of the disease escalates, because the wild animals can move freely.

Retail on the high cost of pork in the opt has not yet responded. Meanwhile, according to participants of the market, wholesale prices are almost on par with retail, and in some cases became even higher. So now he had reached the limit of growth in the wholesale cost of pork, now the price must go down.

But then everything will depend on supply and demand. If prices start to rise in retail demand may decrease and stop further increase in value. On the other hand, can be reduced and the offer on the market if you will spread of ASF. In this case, prices may continue to go up.

Nothing yet on the global market does not occur. There are cases of animal disease, but it is the local situation that are monitored. There are restrictions on the movement of meat, but again: production is not stopped, it is sufficiently large, a global decline. If no further spread of ASF, the price tag on pork, of course, should be reduced.