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The average price of beef rose again to its maximum level

  • 25 Dec 08:46

A summary of average November prices on the domestic Russian meat market indicates a rise in beef prices, which has been observed since the beginning of the year. Data analysis did not take into account prices for boneless meat. In November, the average price of beef on bone was 347.97 rubles per kilogram. Over the month, it increased by 0.6%, and from the beginning of the year - by 5.7%. On an annual basis, the price of cattle meat increased by 5.9%. The lowest beef prices in Russia over the past two years and 11 months were recorded in January 2017 when one kilogram of cattle meat cost an average of 315 rubles. In November of this year, the price once again rose to. Read more...

Imported beef became cheaper

  • 29 Mar 10:07

At the 11th week of 2019, the average wholesale price of imported beef and offal in the Russian Federation decreased by 2.5%, and by 3.5% over the month. On March 11, in the wholesale link of the North-West Federal District, the neck-shoulder cut was sold at a price of 319.8 rubles / kg, rump price was 321.3 rubles / kg. In the Central Federal District, the average wholesale prices for imported neck and shoulder blades were 282 rubles / kg, for rump - 358.7 rubles / kg. As of March 11 in Belarus, the minimum recommended prices for cow meat (FCA) for delivery to the Russian Federation were: frozen half carcass beef (cows) - 190 rubles / kg, chilled half carcasses - 200. Read more...