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All news / Imported beef became cheaper

  • 29 Mar 2019, 10:07

At the 11th week of 2019, the average wholesale price of imported beef and offal in the Russian Federation decreased by 2.5%, and by 3.5% over the month.  

On March 11, in the wholesale link of the North-West Federal District, the neck-shoulder cut was sold at a price of 319.8 rubles / kg,  rump price was 321.3 rubles / kg. In the Central Federal District, the average wholesale prices for imported neck and shoulder blades were 282 rubles / kg, for rump - 358.7 rubles / kg.  

As of March 11 in Belarus, the minimum recommended prices for cow meat (FCA) for delivery to the Russian Federation were: frozen half carcass beef (cows) - 190 rubles / kg, chilled half carcasses - 200 rubles / kg, frozen half carcasses (bulls) - 210 rubles / kg, chilled - 225 rubles / kg.