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Russians spend more than a third of their income on foods

  • 16 Dec 10:32

According to the data collected by the Russian Federal State Statistics Service, an average Russian citizen spends about a third of his income on foods. The federal agency polled 45 thousand households between May and June 2018. 71.3% of respondents said that their diet has not changed over the past year, and 12% believe that it has improved. Almost half of the households (51.7%) stated that they have enough food, while 4.6% admitted that they couldn't afford to buy all the products they need. Older people (7.1%) and large families (7.5%) were among the ones who stated that they do. Read more...

Russians become fatter than Europeans

  • 14 Oct 09:33

Rospotrebnadzor, Russian federal service responsible for the supervision of consumer rights protection and human well-being published the statistics on the number of overweight and obese people in Russia. It turned out that more than half of people over 30 years old have such problem. At the same time, from 15 to 25% of the European population has weight problems. In Russia, their number increased 2.3 times over the past seven years. This, in turn, provokes an increase in the number of serious diseases like diabetes, malignant neoplasms and diseases of the cardiovascular system, RIA Novosti news agency reports. Besides, severe obesity reduces life expectancy by an. Read more...

Sociologists calculated average size of daily spendings in Russia

  • 7 Oct 10:38

Russian citizen spends an average of 558 rubles ($8.5) on a daily basis.The Romir research holding provides such data. The average weekly spendings of Russian citizens show the dynamics of the average purchase value made during the week. Sociologists calculated the average amount based on the. Read more...