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Offers and buying requests from suppliers of meat, meat products and livestock in China

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China, port «Qingdao» (China)

4,38 USD FOB Raw meat, frozen, bulk, HALAL, HACCP

25 Sep 2020


Processed meat, frozen, cartons, Export Permit to China

24 Sep 2020

China, port «Qingdao» (China)

6,78 USD FOB Raw meat, frozen, vacuum bag, HALAL, HACCP

23 Sep 2020


0.96 USD FOB Processed meat, chilled, bulk, halal, iso

17 Sep 2020

China, port «Cape Town» (South Africa)

2.5 USD Animal by-products, chilled, bulk

24 Jun 2020


1,1 USD FOB Edible co-products, frozen, bulk

04 May 2020