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Offers and buying requests from suppliers of meat, meat products and livestock

China, port «Qingdao» (China)

4,38 USD FOB Raw meat, frozen, bulk, HALAL, HACCP

25 Sep 2021

Pakistan, port «Karachi Port» (Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan)

7:50 USD FOB Raw meat, frozen, bulk

24 Sep 2021

Republic of South Africa

Animal by-products, fresh

24 Sep 2021

Brazil, port «Sao Francisco do Sul» (Brazil)

450 USD FOB Processed meat, frozen, cartons

24 Sep 2021

Uruguay, port «Montevideo» (Uruguay)

8 USD FOB Raw meat, frozen, vacuum bag

24 Sep 2021

United States

0.24 USD Livestock & poultry, frozen, cartons, ISO12000, HALA

23 Sep 2021

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Russian Federation

4.5 USD Raw meat, frozen, Haccp

23 Sep 2021


Processed meat, frozen

22 Sep 2021