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All news / 1000 calves from Hungary will be raised on Sakhalin

  • 27 Mar 2019, 09:25

Arrival of a large batch of young cattle - 1,000 Holstein breeding calves - are expected at the Korsakovsky State Farm in April. They are delivered from Hungary to Sakhalin by specially equipped aircraft. Now the company conducts the necessary veterinary activities and prepares premises for a month of animal quarantine.

Imported youngsters in Korsakovsky are grown by the cold method. Calving takes place in the stalls, the newborn calves are kept under the cow for sucking for two days, and on the third day they are transferred to individual cells, which preclude crowding and food competition.

Newborn calves receive colostrum at first, and then they get milk with a supplement of the pre-starter feed. This mode of feeding and keeping is recommended by Hungarian consultants, and it contributes to the formation of a healthy immune system of animals.