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All news / A new breed of deer with large horns was bred in Altai Territory

  • 27 Dec 2019, 08:52

Breeders from the Altai Territory bred a new breed of sika deer with large horns called "Altai-Ussuri". This was reported by the newspaper "Honest Word".


They decided to breed this breed for the sake of antlers - young and not yet ossified horns. Scientists have set the goal of mass production of this useful material in everyday life. They received an improvement in the already actively bred Ussuri without crossing with other species. Scientists took several years to create a new species.

The yield of antlers from this breed is at least 2-2.5 kilograms, which is 20 percent more than conventional breeds. The breed itself is also very fertile - if 100 ordinary deer have an average of 40-50 cubs, then a new species can have up to 75. Antlers from such a livestock in one farm will be enough, for example, to provide for a large Russian region.

In total, there are already about a thousand such deers in the region; all of them have been raised on the territory of the Iskra livestock farm, which has become the site for a new experiment.

Antlers are one of the most popular medicines, which is put on a par with ginseng, unique ointments and other inventions of oriental medicine. As you know, they are widely used for medical purposes in China, Korea and the northeastern regions of Russia. Drugs are prepared from them for the treatment of anemia, inflammation, and cardiovascular diseases. Also, drugs from them have a restorative, anti-aging effect, improve physical and mental condition and have a beneficial effect on the composition of the blood.

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