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All news / A pilot project for industrial reindeer husbandry will be developed in Yakutia

  • 05 Dec 2019, 10:03

 The government of Yakutia has embarked on a project to create industrial reindeer husbandry. And the idea of ​​this was prompted by the citizens of the republic themselves.


A proposal for commercial reindeer husbandry came from pensioners from the Zhigansky and Oleneksky districts. According to them, traditional reindeer husbandry does not take into account modern knowledge and does not apply new technologies, therefore, it has no chance to compete with other branches of animal husbandry. So, for example, in reindeer herding farms operating in the old fashioned way, up to 60 percent of unproductive waste is the death of animals in summer from overheating.

Reindeer herders with experience can tell officials what to pay special attention to. A commercial herd should be small, mobile, not more than 200 heads. Also, first of all, it is necessary to build capacities for the processing of blood and the viscera of a deer, which are valuable in the market and more effective than pantocrine supplements.