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All news / A school for beef steaks cutting has appeared in the Stavropol Territory

  • 16 Feb 2021, 10:24

Hereditary farmer from the Novoaleksandrovsky urban district of Stavropol Sergey Kolesnikov offers a non-standard approach to steaks cutting, which will help reduce their cost.A school for beef steaks cutting has appeared in the Stavropol Territory

"If a bull in live weight gives 650 kg, then only 30-32 kg are available for classic steaks receipt. It is very expensive , and not everyone is ready to buy such meat, especially when he doesn't know that this is a really awesome thing. The alternative is that the bull has enough muscles that can provide a tender steak, which does not need to be marinated and stewed. Just salt and pepper, and room temperature for the steak to be  ready for grilling, "says Sergey Kolesnikov.

 But the first thing for a good steak is a proper meat breed of bull. The Kolesnikovs family farm has been raising Herefords since 2012. Animals are fed for 18-20 months, gaining marbling, and only after this they start meat processing. And this is not only slaughter, but also a three-week aging of beef in special refrigerating rooms.

Sergei took consulting from the country's leading butchers for many years, and last year he met Alexander Pakhodnya, who is also passionate about proper meat cutting. In November 2020, on the basis of the Kolesnikovs farm, they held a master class for their first students.

"The advantages of special cutting are understood by restaurant chefs, so for some time we sold steaks only there. But now we want to popularize the advantages of beef, eliminating the information vacuum among fellow countrymen about the steak use. To do this, we have opened a meat cutting school, are conducting a YouTube channel and an Instagram account, where we tell and show how to properly fabricate beef steaks, "the farmer added. For many years of work in animal husbandry, he became convinced that beef is a juicy and tender product, the main thing is just to cut it and cook it correctly.