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All news / Agro Belogoria Launch Genesus Duroc Meat Brand

  • 12 Dec 2016, 09:45

On Sunday November 20th, Agro Belogoria, Russia’s 4th largest pig producer and packer, launched its Genesus Duroc Pork.

The launch was made at Agro Belogoria’s own restaurant, “Riviera”, where guest Spanish Chef Jorge Sevilla prepared the dishes for tasting. Chef Sevilla comes from “Globus Gurme”, a chain of premium class grocery stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Spain, which is famous for Jamón and the Ibérico pig, have many chefs that understand how to properly cook pork with excellent quality for the perfect eating experience. He mentioned that Genesus Duroc meat, based on colour and taste, could be competitive with Spanish Jamón!

Attendees of the launch were chefs of Belogorod restaurants and the Board of Directors of Agro Belogoria.

The day started with an introduction speech by Agro Belogoria Chairman Vladimir Zotov, who said that the current goal of the company’s production team is to improve meat quality.

Thus, the Genesus Duroc’s meat will change our opinion about Pork.

The Manager of Agro-Belogoria’s trading company, Olesya Dmitrova, mentioned that to achieve a proper taste, the meat got matured for 7 days versus the 1 day for their standard commercial pork. Genesus Duroc pork has a very delicate flavor, looks very attractive, and has an excellent taste when baked, fried, or smoked.

Genesus Representative Natalia Zarubina said that for over 20 years, Genesus has done extensive work on more marbling for our clients to achieve the ultimate pork from Genesus pigs. Better flavour has been Genesus’ quest, in partnership with the family farms of the Red River Valley.

Chef Jorge Sevilla presented several different pork dishes for guests to taste. All agreed that the pork was very tender and tasty. Many people commented that if it had been a blind tasting, they would have thought they were eating top quality beef. Others commented that it was excellent, juicy meat with a nice flavor.

Agro Belogoria will market the Genesus pork at a premium price of 20 per cent over their standard product. Orders were taken at the event, and all available production was sold.

Genesus Registered Durocs meet all standards of the USDA approved Certified Duroc Pork Program.