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All news / Altai Territory: construction of a turkey production complex has begun

  • 10 Jul 2024, 10:17

In the village of Tselinnoye, Altai Territory, construction of a turkey breeding complex began, which became one of the key events in the development of poultry farming in the region. Investments in the Altai Turkey project from the Virt group of companies in the amount of 3.5 billion rubles indicate serious intentions to develop this area. It is planned that by the beginning of 2027 the complex will reach full capacity and will produce about 6.4 thousand tons of turkey meat annually.


An interesting fact is that the founder and head of the Virt group of companies, Pavel Beyfort, decided to create a new division based on research from the National Association of Turkey Producers (NAPI). These studies have shown a significant increase in demand for turkey over the past five years, which confirms the prospects of this market.


In addition to economic benefits, the construction of a turkey breeding complex in the Altai Territory will also contribute to the development of local infrastructure, the creation of new jobs and strengthening the region’s position in the poultry market. This project not only stimulates economic growth, but also promotes diversity in the products offered to consumers, which is important for healthy eating consumers.


The construction of a turkey breeding complex in the village of Tselinnoye is an important step in the development of poultry farming in the Altai Territory, opening up new prospects for the region and confirming its potential in the production of high-quality turkey meat.