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All news / Armenia Bans US Poultry Imports

  • 02 Jun 2015, 10:58

Armenia has banned the import of poultry products from a number of US states over bird flu concerns, the press service of the Armenian Agriculture Ministry’s service on food safety has said.

The country imposed the ban on import of all kinds of poultry products, including raw materials from 17 US states, reported Sputnik International.

The ban list includes Arkansas, California, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Since December 2014, commercial poultry farms in multiple US states have been hit by avian influenza, affecting over 40 million birds.

The virus is thought to spread from migratory birds to commercial poultry farms. Once a case of avian influenza is confirmed the poultry stock is quarantined and culled.