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All news / Armenia Decides Slaughtering of Cattle Outside Butcheries Illegal

  • 10 Mar 2017, 11:53

The Armenian government has adopted a decision wherein the slaughter of cattle outside butcheries illegal, agriculture minister Ignaty Arakelyan said at a Cabinet session.

According to ARKA News Agency, the minister said the decision will be made mandatory step by step.

He said beginning from 1 May 2017, the government will be buying meat from slaughterhouses only.

The decision will become mandatory for meat products producing and exporting companies from 1 November 2017.

According to him, starting from 1 April 2018, all public catering facilities in Yerevan will have to buy meat exclusively from slaughterhouses.

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan added that the implementation of this decision should not create obstacles for business.